A New Year, A New Decade...this is BIG

2020 just feels like a magical year…something about that number gets me really excited. I am feeling powerful to create change in myself, my family, and my business. The last decade had some great moments, but some tough ones as well. Getting cancer and losing a job really left me feeling hit hard. But then the last three years of founding and building Mekky Media showed me my own power to move forward and create the life that I want and I feel like it’s just the start!

So looking forward now: in the past I have made resolutions based on common themes…I want to stress less, lose weight, travel more, improve finances, blah blah blah. Everything I read said to start small. Don’t overdo it in the resolution department because we are more likely to fail than succeed. But I have chosen to take a different approach this year. I listed my personal and professional resolutions – in quite a bit of detail. And I am going to call them intentions. Resolutions feel like they won’t happen. But starting the year with great intentions, as ambitious as they might be, feels much more powerful and inspirational. I encourage you to do the same if you haven’t already and share them with people you care about. Print them out and put them somewhere you will see them. It will keep you motivated all year long. So here are both my personal and business intentions for 2020 and beyond!

1. Set strict boundaries for myself – I am a self-proclaimed workaholic and tend to never stop. But I have to slow down sometimes and I need to protect my health as a business owner. I commit to stop feeling guilty when I do take a break, no matter how others make me feel.

2. Accept imperfection and stop beating myself up – I am not perfect nor ever was, and I want to find peace with this in the new decade. I also commit to continuing to be authentic in all I do with my conversations, leadership, motherhood and self. No fakes allowed!

3. Reach out to friends I haven’t seen – The business has led me to lose friendships and lose touch with people I miss. I will reconnect in 2020 with those who truly matter to me. But I will find peace in letting go of toxic relationships.

4. More time and connection with my teenage kids – Prioritizing them is still #1 in my life and the more I do it the better they are, and the better I feel. I just have to work on finding the way as they get older. In truth, parenting teens has been difficult for me, but I am learning to not take their self-absorbed behavior personally.

5. Self-care will be 100% prioritized – I commit to finding my groove and schedule to do this more often. You know that glow you have after a spa day, or time outdoors? I will do more things that make me glow!

6. Continued travel to the beach – Nothing makes me happier. Time by the ocean makes me a better person. Not really much more to say there!

7. More Yoga and Meditation – True stillness and quiet in my crazy world is medicine for my soul. I can’t even explain how good I feel physically and emotionally after a yoga class, or even a 10-minute daily meditation. I will commit to more of this in 2020.

Now for my professional self as the founder of Mekky Media, here are my intentions for 2020!

1. We will continue to take on clients who want to be partners in achieving their PR goals. The best campaigns are made with those who see us as partners and trust the process.

2. Hire people who fit our core values and appreciate the teaching, mentoring and future opportunity Mekky Media brings them. We are building something special here and the values all have a rich and deep meaning. I have led many in my career who started their own businesses and receive many “Masters Degrees” in PR when working under me. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone but those who are ready to invest in this will be rewarded!

3. Be bold and confident in my decisions – No looking back, no insecurity. Of course, I am human and we all have that insecure tendency at times. I know I do and haven’t 100% gotten over this childhood habit. But my track record looks pretty damn good so I am going to go with my intuition more, trust it and be strong in the moves we make.

4. Grow the business in new markets – Continue to expand to areas I love and wish to grow. Now this may not happen all in 2020 but it is a goal. I will look to take on the right clients beyond Chicago and get closer to the coasts.

5. Spread Masterclasses – My goal is to bring new revenue to the business through my passion – teaching and speaking on media training, presentation training and public speaking. We held an amazing first class in 2019 as the launching point for much more.

6. Positive mindset – I will set an example of always looking at challenges through a positive mindset and inspire this in my team as well. This alone will move mountains!

7. Be a conscious leader and grow Mekky Media to be a culture of trust, authenticity and inspiration to do our best every day and reap the rewards. Conscious leadership is in my blood and is who I am as a human being. I have followed this through my entire career. As we grow and the pressure is high, I commit to never changing and being understanding, fair, self-aware and passionate in all we do in Mekky Media and in the culture I create.

In 2020 anything is possible. I can feel it. Hope this inspired you to send me your resolutions or intentions. I can’t wait to hear from you! Happy New Year!