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The Art of Plastic Surgery

Elevating A Top Chicago Plastic Surgeon’s Thought Leadership

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Dr. Gregory Wiener and his practice The Art of Plastic Surgery looked to Mekky Media to elevate his thought leadership status in order to showcase his unique offerings and different approaches to plastic surgery in the Chicagoland area and beyond.



Through an ongoing PR campaign, the Mekky Media team continually strategizes story angles and and monitors for timely news hooks to best incorporate Dr. Wiener into a matrix of conversations surrounding the plastic surgery space and the overall health/wellness scene. From trends and top tips to best practices and safety and aging insights, Mekky Media leverages Dr. Wiener’s expertise and approach to plastic surgery to garner media around his practice and services and to educate the public about procedures and protocols related to his work to ensure patients everywhere get the best care possible. We have garnered over 197 million media impressions to-date across TV, Radio, print and online mediums - covering topics including neografting, mommy makeovers, men and plastic surgery and breast cancer reconstruction.  

Notable placements include:, Boston Herald, FOX32 Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Biz Talk Radio, Web MD, WGN-AM, WCIU’s The Jam, U.S. News and World Report, NBC5 Chicago, Cosmetic Surgery Times

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