Mekky Media Relations Do It Yourself PR Package

Our DIY PR Package offers a structured approach to PR and media outreach, empowering individuals and businesses to take control of their public image and narrative. With personalized consultation, strategic planning, and three months of ongoing guidance, we equip individuals and businesses with the tools and insights needed to navigate the dynamic public relations landscape effectively. You will learn how to build a foundation for successful PR and exposure for your business.

Initial Consultation

  • A one-hour Zoom session dedicated to understanding the client’s business, key individuals involved, existing PR/marketing goals, and challenges.
  • Real-time consultation to identify strengths, target audiences, and unique selling points within existing public relations and marketing.

Media Outreach Strategy

  • Provide a curated list of 10 suggested media members for outreach, along with guidelines on building relationships and pitching effectively.
  • Insightful outline on best practices for working with media, including follow-up etiquette and maximizing opportunities.

Crafting High-Level Messaging and Elevator Pitch

  • Development of concise, impactful key messaging and an elevator pitch tailored to the client’s brand identity and objectives.
  • Focus on clarity, differentiation, and resonance to captivate target audiences and media outlets.

Review and Tweaks:

  • A one-hour Zoom call to review delivered materials, address client feedback, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Expert advice on implementation strategies, approach refinement, and addressing client queries.

3-Month PR Plan

  • Creation of a customized PR plan outlining strategies, tactics, and pitch angles to secure media coverage.
  • In-depth analysis of target media outlets, audience demographics, and industry trends to maximize exposure.

Approval and Finalization:

  • Upon approval of messaging, create a compelling and visual one-pager highlighting the individual or business for media distribution and engagement purposes.
  • Third one-hour Zoom call for guidance, addressing questions, and providing additional support as needed during the implementation phase.