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June 24th, 2022

Dennis Duban Shares How Fatherhood Changed His Life

Our lives can change in a minute - but those memories will last a lifetime. For the Good Men Project, our client Dennis Duban recalls the day he became a father - or, as he heartwarmingly says, the day his life went from black and white to color. As Duban talks about his journey as a gay parent, he reflects on the values, struggles, and lessons fatherhood has taught him. 


“Moments later, tears were dripping from my eyes onto her. I don’t recall ever crying as an adult, teenager or ever, frankly. The others did not know exactly what was happening, but I felt something open up inside me that I don’t believe I’d ever felt before. To this day, the feeling is indescribable. What I did know was that beyond all other things, I was going to take care of this little girl forever and love her more than I had ever loved anyone or anything in the world. And I have.”

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