To succeed in public relations you have to be relentless and willing to go the extra mile.  The work is hard and passion is what sets phenomenal work apart from good work.  At Mekky Media a love for the work we do is not a plus, it's a must.  That spark is what sets us apart.


Mekky Media is a unique type of agency;  one that is built on trust. From flexible hours, work from home Fridays and a team of both freelancers and full-timers, we set high expectations for the quality of work produced without micromanagement.  A firm belief in the excellence of our team allows our results to speak for themselves.


The secret to stronger relationships with the media, with clients, with each other is authenticity.  Showing up as our true selves everyday, unafraid to be vulnerable and learn.  We are focused on kind, honest communication that allows everyone we work with to be their best. 


A nonnegotiable in PR, creativity is critical to getting clients noticed.  Innovative, inspired thinking characterizes how we function at Mekky Media.  We present each client with a highly personalized strategy that is the product of out-of-the-box, collaborative brainstorming.


When we land a great hit the team shares in the success and when a mistake is made, it's a learning opportunity for everyone. At Mekky, doing it alone is just not a part of the culture.  We know the best PR is founded in a variety of perspectives and a willingness to collaborate, both of which we are proud to bring to the table


to Excellence

PR is an extremely competitive industry and we work amongst many, very talented agencies.  To make our clients stand out, we need to bring something extra.  It's our commitment to excellence, a thirst to prove ourselves and consistently deliver the best work possible that sets us apart.  Motivation, dedication and a willingness to be inspired - that's the Mekky way.

An Official Member of the Forbes 2020 Agency Council

2018 Stevie® Award Winner for Women in Business, Entrepreneur of the Year

2019 Golden Trumpet Award Winner for Media Relations and Advocacy 

2019 National Business Enterprise (WBENC) Certified 

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