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Our trainings are customized and include:


  • Creating and reciting your elevator pitch

  • How to stick to key messaging

  • How to handle tough questions in any format interview

  • Techniques to control an interview like bridging, flagging, hooking

  • How to have personality in interviews

  • Body language tricks

  • How to use props correctly

  • How to get over anxiety in front of a crowd or a camera

  • How to own a room

  • Breakout sessions with a videographer and practice interviews


What impression do you want to give when you walk into a room (or pop up on a Zoom screen)? How do you explain the value you provide when introducing yourself? Can you spontaneously give an elevator pitch about your company, your role or a cause that's important to you? What does your body language communicate to others when you're in a presentation or meeting?

Michelle Mekky and David Viggiano are former veteran broadcast producers and reporters with over 40 combined years booking and covering guests for newsrooms around the country. Alongside a team of professional writers and storytellers, Michelle and David have developed an intensive media training program that supports individuals and organizations alike in developing their messaging, interview and public speaking skills.

We have worked with C-suite executives, historians, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and more to create tailored programs that meet their specific needs. Our media training program can range from a half-day seminar to a multi-day workshop. Topics we can cover include:

  • Media training 101

  • Messaging development

  • Interview techniques

  • Public speaking

  • Presentation and body language

  • Pitching investors

  • Image consulting

In addition, we bring in a professional videographer who mics, lights and films mock interviews led by David Viggiano. In real time, we play the videos back and offer immediate feedback for the interviewee.

To learn more about our media training program, please reach out via the Contact Us form below.

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"Thanks to the Mekky Media Relations team for providing their top-notch media training. Before the media training, the Niles-Maine District Library Public Relations & Marketing team would go into reactive mode when faced with a crisis. After learning about working with the media and crisis communication, our team now has the tools to effectively plan and execute our message. We would highly recommend Mekky Media Relations!"

— Sasha Vasilic, Public Relations & Marketing, Niles-Maine District Library

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