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Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA)

Event Support, Media Relations: Local, Regional, National



The Muslim American Leadership Alliance (MALA) is a 501(c)3 civic and community organization committed to promoting individual freedom and diversity while celebrating Muslim American heritage. The organization began its partnership with Mekky Media Relations in 2019 with the goal of applying targeted media outreach to promote and further elevate its mission, leadership and opportunities for financial support.I



In three short months, Mekky Media was able to provide MALA with key messaging, press materials and creative pitches that resulted in successful media coverage, securing 11 media placements for a total of over 2.2 million earned media impressions. 

In addition to ongoing media relations, MALA partnered with Mekky Media to plan and facilitate the annual gala, a celebration of steps made toward uniting Americans of all backgrounds for social cohesion and recognizing diversity and inclusion. The team invited media to the gala and coordinated onsite attendance with a number of Chicago’s biggest names. 

Mekky Media also provided onsite support to ensure the gala ran smoothly and successfully.

Notable placements include: 

FOX32, WVON-AM, WGN-AM, NBC5, Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Reader's Digest, Reuters, and more. 

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