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Nya B

Media Relations

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Nya B, MA, NCC, LPC is an author, therapist and speaker who has made it her mission to advocate for mental health support and resources for all people. Born and raised in Chicago’s South Side, Nya B practices with a focus on being real, transparent and open in order to build inclusive therapy spaces for people of color and those who have been historically marginalized within the therapy and mental health fields. With such an incredible story and mission, Nya B knew it was time to take her platform to new audiences - and asked Mekky Media to do just that.



Mekky Media hit the ground running with Nya B, creating a multi-pronged PR approach. In addition to leveraging her own story to secure profile pieces and bylines, the team offered Nya B as an expert on a wide range of pitch topics, from relationship advice to front-of-mind issues like violence in Chicago in order to position her as a thought leader.

The team also placed a large focus on broadcast TV, ultimately setting up Nya B for a recurring segment with a St. Louis TV show. The press we secured for Nya B has helped build her credibility - so much so that it piqued the interest of a producer for a national digital talk show. In all, the team secured 51 placements and over 140 million total earned media impressions, including 540,000 broadcast viewers and a cover page profile in Chicago’s Citizen

Notable placements include: 

FOX32, ABC7, Citizen, PsychCentral, SheKnows, Well + Good, mindbodygreen, Medium, BizWomen, KMOV-TV, and more.

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