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- Listen, - Rimbaud began to lose patience. - Make these beads, that is, a necklace, which will suit any woman, at least her, - and Rimbaud pointed to me.

“Good,” the jeweler answered quite calmly, but still I noticed Spanish on his forehead

Rin, it can be seen in such a heated conversation, the power of air conditioners was not enough not only for Rimbaud's nerves. - Then let's look at this lovely girl and pick up a necklace for her.

"Please, your bets," I announced, trying not to react to the scrutiny.

mania of both players to my modest person.

- What is your name, child? - the old man turned to me.

- Alya...

I was not very flattered to be the model for the jewelry fantasies of these two strange clients. I felt like I was under x-ray. And then, it is not clear to whom Rimbaud was going to give this necklace. Some model, which he will most likely order from an elite tuple service, and therefore does not want to disclose her person? Here they are often ordered to walk along the red carpet of some famous festival. The rich have their parties and their diamonds.


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