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Football Manager (PC Game)


championship manager 2005 free download full version

Category:2005 video games Category:Eidos Interactive games Category:First-person management games Category:PlayStation Portable games Category:PlayStation 2 games Category:Windows games Category:Video games developed in the United Kingdom Category:Xbox games Category:Association football management video games// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation // Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information. #pragma once namespace winrt::Coevery::Fabric { // Represents the faulting module for an Api call. This error code indicates that we are in the middle of // executing an API call when, for whatever reason, the system could not properly return an error (the // module is not loaded). For more information see the msdn documentation for QueryResult::LastError (note // that the call to QueryResult::LastError is equivalent to this assignment). const int ErrorCodes::QueryResultLastError = -2147024816; namespace ErrorCodes { // The following error codes are present in the result when a generic error has been received and // the system cannot determine the error code const uint32_t InvalidId = -1502429920; const uint32_t NegativeId = -1612731896; // Executing an operation against an Api call with InvalidId in its lastError represents an error // that should be propagated. const uint32_t GenericError = -1513714931; const uint32_t AccessTokenCanceled = -1330596023; const uint32_t ModuleLoadFailed = -2147024811; const uint32_t ModuleLoadFailed = -2147024810; const uint32_t NoUserMatchingQuery = -528877347; } } Methodology and

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Championship 32 Ultimate License Windows


Football Manager (PC Game)

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