The Thrill of Becoming a Published Author

Wow – I really did it.

I experienced a first – the thrill of becoming a published author!

I had collaborated over the summer with 17 other women business leaders on a book called “Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal their Top Tips to Success.” Our release date was on Oct. 15, and the book was an Amazon Best Seller within a week. You can purchase it at this link – just in time for the women on your holiday gift list! Yes this is a shameless plug! I am just bursting with excitement.

I’ve written countless articles and blogs over the years, but I must admit there is a different kind of excitement and pride over being part of a book, especially one that shares hard-earned leadership lessons for women – a topic that is near and dear to me. Each co-author tells her story in her own unique way, but the end result is similar. We all share the personal and professional insights we’ve gained throughout years of building our careers and businesses. I truly believe that women, as well as men, will find key learnings they can apply to their own journeys, whether they’re just starting out, well established or somewhere in between.

Our book is the inaugural edition of the Women in Business series presented by Adam Torres, co-founder of Mission Matters Media. Adam has collaborated on successful books addressing diversity, business leadership, real estate and more. He specializes in finding and bringing together experts and leaders from a wide range of industries and backgrounds who have advice that will contribute to readers’ success in business and life. I’m especially proud to be part of Adam’s latest book, because it’s his first all-women edition.

Those of you who have followed my journey probably won’t be surprised to learn that my chapter is titled “How to Turn Life’s Challenges into Gifts: A Journey from Cancer Survivor to CEO.” I start by sharing the story of the insecurities I faced as a child and how the direction and inspiration I received in high school set me on a new path. From there, I detail the challenges and successes I experienced during college, in my early television career, as I transitioned to public relations, during my cancer battle and, of course, as I made the life-altering decision to start Mekky Media Relations. I also share tips for women leaders or those who aspire to be in leadership positions, and I end with some bonus tips related to getting publicity for your company, your brand or yourself.

I tried hard to tell my story in an authentic way that would help as many people as possible. I have learned from recent deeper work on myself thanks to the brilliant Erin Coupe that these limiting beliefs and lack of confidence is what held me back but through awareness and getting in touch with your authentic self, you can go farther than you ever dreamed.

This has been a challenging time in all of our lives, and one of my coping techniques has been to search for positive stories and lessons that inspire me and help me to be a better leader. This “Mission Matters” book does just that. I’m honored to tell my story along with the other entrepreneurs. I’m so thankful that we were all given this opportunity to share our voices. I hope you have a chance to read the book and let me know what you think!