It feels like just yesterday that we were counting down to midnight, downing that last glass of champagne and setting our sights on becoming a better version of ourselves. Ah yes, those new year’s resolutions. Remember them?!

We’re reaching that time of year where we’re either celebrating the progress we’ve made or have lost the drive to reach the finish line. If you’re like most people, you’re in the second category – because sticking to new year’s resolutions is hard work! So many of us start with the best of intentions but lose our motivation in the first days or weeks of the year.

This has happened to me, especially when I set overly ambitious resolutions that fail to take my busy lifestyle into account. It’s important to be realistic! So this year, I made sure I could actually follow through on my goals. I kept it simple: prioritize my health above all else, start each day with gratitude and don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’ve done pretty well with the first two. But it’s stressful balancing the demands of being a business owner, mom, wife, daughter and friend – so I’ve struggled a bit with not sweating the small stuff. I’m sure many of you can relate to the difficulty of staying calm and keeping things in perspective in the midst of a busy day.

One way that I try to keep working on myself (and my resolutions) is to seek ideas and encouragement from people who inspire me. And I’m lucky that I don’t have to look far, since several Mekky Media clients are strong, insightful women who are all about empowering others. So I asked two of them for ideas that can help us all stay focused on our resolutions or goals now that New Year’s Eve is a distant memory and we’re heading into spring. Here’s what they had to say:

Chelsea Austin – Author, Speaker and Advocate

Chelsea uses her platforms, including the, memoir she is about to release, to spread love and tolerance – for others and ourselves. When it comes to resolutions, her advice is to hone in on one goal that means a lot. It can be tempting to start with a long list you want to accomplish, but she says it’s best to stay focused on one thing at a time if you want to make a lasting change. She also suggests writing down your “why.” We all have a reason we identify a resolution, but sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day stresses that we forget why that thing truly matters in the long run. If we write down the specific ways the goal will make a difference in our lives, and put that list someplace where we’ll be reminded every day, we are more likely to stay on track. Finally, Chelsea says don’t give up if you “mess up.” We all experience setbacks, and they tend to make us feel like throwing the whole thing away. But don’t do that! Simply acknowledge the misstep and the fact that you’re human, then keep going.

Chelsea says one of her new year’s resolutions was making time to meditate in the morning. She says she’s a more peaceful, happier human when she takes just 15 minutes for this, but somehow that time was always getting eaten up by something else. So to make the goal more achievable, she got her husband involved. Now they start each day meditating together. She’s pleased with the results and proud that she’s been able to stick to her resolution.

Jessica Litman – Founder of The Organized Mama

Jessica helps individuals and families declutter and stay organized, saving their sanity and bringing them peace in the process. If you’re struggling with your resolutions, she suggests that you think about the person you imagined yourself becoming when you chose that goal for the new year. That person would stay focused and get it done. So get in the mindspace of that person – become her or him and imagine yourself already having reached the goals. Then they won’t seem so lofty, they will be well within your reach.

Jessica says her own goals this year were pretty big – pre-selling 500 copies of her new book having a weekly show on TV or a streaming platform and increasing the monthly views of her website. She says these goals have required her to learn new marketing strategies, get out of her comfort zone and change her focus – all of which can be challenging and scary. But these things also present amazing opportunities for personal growth, and it can be so rewarding when we see that taking shape.

I’m so thankful to these two incredible women for sharing their wisdom and helping us stay on track as we continue trying to be all we can be. We all know we are works in progress, always striving to be better and do better. So let’s give ourselves some grace when we fall and be patient. But also, let’s not lose the motivation we felt just a couple months ago. Just like New Year’s, spring can be a time of renewal and growth!