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White Shark Media

Media Relations

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White Shark Media is a leading PPC agency with offices in the United States and Nicaragua. Backed by more than a decade of experience managing PPC campaigns as a direct and white label service for marketing agencies, the media company was interested in growing lead generation through thought leadership and increased awareness of its creative approach to sales.



The Mekky Media team successfully navigated the saturated digital and PPC industry press by securing key editorial coverage and thought-leadership wins by targeting commentary on hot trends, creative insights and company recognition. These placements have elevated White Shark leadership by placing the team alongside other digital marketing leaders.


Additionally, Mekky made inroads with other marketing companies and digital influencers to create cross-promotional engagements such as speaking opportunities, web series guests and event keynotes.

Notable placements include: 

CMS Wire, WebRageous, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch

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