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Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Media Relations



After 20 years of continual growth that has turned Vosges into a multimillion-dollar international company, founder Katrina Markoff came close to losing it all as a result of personal and business challenges. With a newfound spirit and direction born, Mekky Media was tasked with launching The Healer and Ritual Holiday Collections, while seeding the other Vosges collections and Valentine’s Day launch among key consumer food, lifestyle and select business media.



By highlighting the key components of the products as well as tying in Katrina’s compelling personal story, Mekky was able to successfully launch and integrate the new collections both locally and nationally, as well as position Katrina back in the news cycle as a credible thought leader in the industry during the five-month project.

Notable placements include: 

WGN-TV, ABC7, CBS, Forbes, Daily Blast Live, Delish, Food Network, Buzzfeed, Eater, MSN, Yahoo, CFM, Real Simple, Refinery29, PureWow, Better, Taste of Home, Fodor’s Travel, Smarter Travel, Building America Now, Bay Area Family Travel.

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